Ametrine Rose in New Zealand offers one of the world’s most effective Therapeutic Essential oils in their purest, most natural form. Our formulations are created from synergistic blends of essential oils, organic supercritical plant extracts and natural vitamins.  Our organiceutical emphasis means that our products work effectively well with absorption. 

Ametrine Rose Health & Beauty

We offer an extensive range of treatments at our salon, from classic beauty therapy treatments to advanced treatments such as RF Lifting or permanent eyebrow tattoo. Full wedding packages are available including professional makeup. We offer luxurious and certified organic skincare for people who care about the purity and quality of the products they use.

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Note: Hair removal causes a mild stinging sensation, however, this is kept to a minimum due to the unique cooling device on the IPL handle. A minimum of four weeks between treatments is essential.

• Eliminate waxing and shaving from your beauty schedule. 
• Choose from a list of areas to work on and get silky smooth. 
• Relax at this professional clinic and get the results you are looking for. 

Imagine how much extra time you could have in the mornings if you didn't have to worry about your regular waxing or shaving. Body wash slip 'n' slides could be made or you could work on your steamed up mirror art, the opportunities are endless. 
The benefits of IPL hair removal is that you get to enjoy soft, smooth skin with no stubble. This unique treatment from Ametrine Rose Health and Beauty will save you time, money and from the embarrassment of unwanted hair.

Special 1 :Ametrinerose opens a brand new era of beauty concept!


We are the first in NZ to bring in treatment programmes for anti- aging of head &
head health management into the beauty industries, opening a whole new era of beauty!


  • Prevention and delay sagging of facial skin 

  • Prevention of loose skin & wrinkles on the face

  • Tightening of facial skin

  • Providing healty hair

  • Avoiding dryness, split ends, abnormal hair loss & grey hair at young age

  • Head detoxification leading to good blood circulation & stimulate tissue cells in the heads

  • Reduce hedaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss & other sub-health issues.

Special 2 : From $59 for a Banafen Re-Hydrating Facial & Massage package (value up to $234)


Enjoy a 45-minute Banafen Re-hydrating facial+ 15 min back&shoulder massage for $49 OR a 60 minute facial SPA + 30 min arm&head&neck&shoulder massage for $69 OR a 60 min Banafen Re-hydrating facial + 30 min Back & shoulder massage + 20 min Banafen Hand & Feet treatment for $99!

Facial spa, with the perfect mixture of essential oils & emulsion, aroma therapy applied on hot and cold, personalized skin diagnosis. After the treatment, your skin will feel 90% cleaner, smoother, more radiant and more moisturized.



  • Hair Removal for 1 Large & 1 Small Area

  • 1 Large & 2 Small Areas

  • 2 Large & 3 Small Areas

  • Female Lower or Upper Leg Area




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