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These are three major products we recommended for most customers.

Ametrine Rose


Ametrine rose offers luxurious, certified organic skincare for people who care about the purity and quality of the products they use. 
Ametrine Rose in New Zealand offers the best of the world’s most effective Therapeutic Essential oils, in their optimum pure natural form.
Our formulations are created from synergistic blends of essential oils, organic supercritical plant extracts, and natural vitamins. Our organiceutical emphasis means that our products work effectively, are well absorbed and targeted for results.

Carole Franck

Carole Franck: a solution and a token of beauty for every woman.

Carole Franck was established in 1975 and they are distributed in over 70 countries throughout the world. Carole Franck is a combination of highly active and concentrated aromatherapy and phytotherapy essential oils that are water-soluble, making it suitable for all skin types. The beauty products of this line cover the entire range required by professional beauticians. Also, it is the first to introduce and market unique marine living cells treatment in this region. 


COLLIN was born in 1957, they offer professional treatments inspired by the techniques used in cosmetic medicine, exclusively designed for beauticians. COLLIN RESULTIME, one of the best kept beauty secrets, in a result-driven, sophisticated skincare brand, offering a complete salon treatment range and homecare line that has a solution for every skin concern and specializes in Anti-Aging. COLLIN’s history is intimately linked to Collagen. Whether native, pure, in sheet or fibre form, the brad has always believed in the exceptional power of Collagen in the skin repair process and has studied its application possibilities. 
It was with the development of the first 100% native Collagen sheet that the brand’s success took off in the 1970s. This new treatment left the skin soft and smooth and provided a very significant reduction in wrinkles. COLLIN was the only brand to use and patent soluble Collagen fibres, a new technological approach for this molecule.